The cider of Sassy

If the most vivid childhood memories are first of all gustatory, Xavier and Pierre-Emmanuel's Proust madeleine is of course cider . The reasons for this attachment are to be found on the side of the castle of Sassy, family property of Xavier located in Normandy, where the tradition of cider and calvados has been perpetuated for generations. Nothing could be more natural than to name their brand in homage to this exceptional place full of images, smells... and ethic experiences far too early.

The founders' goal? To update the taste of the artisanal cider, which suffers in France from an outdated and strongly connoted "terroir" image. On the other hand, in England, Ireland or even the United States, where the two entrepreneurs lived, cider is a very popular drink that is a real success with young people. For the demanding palates of our two French, Anglo-Saxon cider is far from having all the taste qualities of cider, but the craze around this drink impresses them to the point of convincing them to embark on the adventure and create their own brand.